Successfully purchasing a commercial property, whether it is 5 units or 5,000 units requires skill, time and effort and that is where we can help.

We complete all of the necessary due diligence to ensure that you are making a solid investment. Prior to bringing properties to our investors we analyze the actual income and expenses provided by the seller. We do not accept budget or pro forma numbers for our analysis. We also negotiate the price and terms with the seller to make sure that they are motivated and flexible.

When we submit an offer it will always be contingent upon further review of the financial records and physical inspection. We advise to have each property inspected by a licensed building inspector, pest control specialist and so on. We personally walk every unit with these inspectors and report all of our findings. Buyer’s representation services are free to the buyer, the fees are paid by seller as a commission.

We take pride in finding out everything about a property. We look at every property as if we were buying it

Why settle for less?

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We understand that your needs are time sensitive.

When you request information from us, we guarantee that a living breathing human being will contact you within 12 hours (usually sooner) and yes, that does include evenings and weekends.

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