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Article Quotes

“I began analyzing the limitations of the internal rate of return. While being an effective quantitative metric for measuring an investment’s expected performance, it can result in misleading conclusions if interpreted incorrectly…”

“The FLEA incorporates several real estate services (i.e. brokerage, property management, syndication, etc.) into one product to create an entirely passive real estate investment that enables commercial real estate investors to achieve both cash flow and internal rate of return objectives…”

“Every investor has that certain item they look for in order to identify a good investment property; some use Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM), others use Price per Square Foot, others use Price per Door, while still others use Capitalization Rate (CAP). This certainly begs the question, who is right? Even more profoundly, is there a right or wrong when measuring the value of an investment? Let’s compare these different ways of comparing…”

“In general, properties listed as Value Add always appear to be so much more enticing with motivating phrases like “Fantastic Opportunity”, “Huge Upside” and even “Perfect for the savvy investor looking to capitalize in this dynamic redevelopment area!” Now of course we are all savvy and we all want to capitalize on fantastic opportunities. The difficult part is to sift through the creativity and make real decisions that cost real dollars…”

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Please note that the information you submit to us is confidential. In no way will Epifany Properties share or sell your personal information.

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