If you are experiencing vacancy within your portfolio and would like to have it quickly cured, we can help.

The commissions that we charge are based upon the gross value of the leases we secure for you and we do not get paid until we deliver qualified tenants. Our typical lease rate is better than 1 per day. We can work with challenging properties in any location in San Diego County and can secure tenants willing to pay solid security deposits and top-of-the-market rents.

We have a proven record in all property types including A, B and C apartment buildings in all areas of San Diego County.

Proven Track Record – Case Study

  • In one recent 30 day period, Epifany approved a total of 35 applications for new tenants and had 3 pending approval at the conclusion.
  • These 38 pending and approved leases acquired will increase the income across the portfolio by roughly $40,200 /month and $482,400 annually.
  • Based upon even a conservative 6% capitalization rate, the increase in annual revenue represents an increase in value in excess of $8MM distributed across the portfolio

If you have vacancy, let us know and we will find your new
residents for you. Everyday of vacancy reduces your
Net Operating Income.

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