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Your apartment building is an important investment and should be managed as such. Every apartment management company will promise to collect the rent and lease a vacant unit – but that is not enough.

Epifany Properties will manage your apartment building as if it were our building. We actively increase income and actively decrease expenses to enhance the value of your property as a whole. Effective apartment property management incorporates project management, accurate budgeting and accounting, timely reporting, preventative maintenance schedules, time sensitive problem solving, endless customer service; and the list goes on.

We have experience is managing large multi family buildings and commercial tenants for prominent investors. We also have experience in repositioning and renovating properties to make them profitable. If this is the type of service you expect from your management company, give us a call today. We would like to meet with you and discuss your property’s future.

Free Property Analysis

  • Should your property be more profitable?
  • Are you self managing your property and it is taking too
    much of your personal time and effort?
  • Are you having more problems with your current property
    management than you are with the tenants?
  • Are you having problems selling your property because the
    NOI does not warrant the asking price?
  • Do you feel like your property has become more hassle
    than it is worth?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can help.

Contact us today for a free analysis of your property.
We will find ways to increase the value of your apartment building.


“Earning You Many Fond Returns…”