From our clients…

Epifany Properties has more than delivered for me. I have been buying, holding, managing and selling my own properties since 1988. I always did ok but did get burnt out. I am currently selling off properties via 1031 exchange and hooked up with Rich. I had some tight time constraints and Epifany handled everything perfect including bridging the gaps with the times and holding together the syndication at the same time. The returns and the reports are always there, I only wish this happened 20 years
ago. Can’t wait to do another one!

Chadwick S. Murillo
Bellevue, WA

As a relative newcomer to multi-family investing, I was more than a bit wary of working with an “out-of-town” deal maker from San Diego. But as I began to understand the man’s thinking and attitude, it all made sense.

Both he and the company he started, Epifany Properties, offer the investor an opportunity to conservatively invest in multi-family housing and not have to “get your hands dirty”. As an investor, we receive comprehensive monthly reports on our property and know exactly where every dime is spent. This is probably the most transparent operation and best monthly communication you will ever come across! We also receive our monthly distributions on time and as promised. The management changes brought about by Mr. St. Rose (and Epifany Properties) have tremendously increased the value of our multi-family investment and put us way ahead of the pro-forma. Rich really does know his market and is able to use that knowledge in putting together syndicates to buy good multi-family properties at a fair price. I feel secure in investing my dollars with Rich St. Rose and Epifany Properties. And in the future, I plan on channeling more of my investment portfolio to Epifany Properties.

Ernest A. Gagner
Center Drive

Epifany Properties did an excellent job of finding, negotiating and closing on a 12 unit property for us in San Diego. From day one the staff at Epifany has done and continues to do a great job of managing the property to achieve the forecasted sales price. Its good to know that Epifany Properties sees the big picture in that they are not looking to flip properties to rack up commissions but instead are committed to a plan to maximize property value for their investors to develop a client base that grows with them in size and value. We receive accurate and timely information on the status of the property via monthly reports and feel comfortable knowing that we have the ability to reach a live person just about every time we call when we have questions. In those cases where a message has been left, we receive a return call shortly after as well as emailed information when needed. We feel very comfortable that we will achieve a greater number than what was targeted upon purchase and look forward to rolling those returns into another property with Epifany.

Brandon Y. Mills
Kansas City, KS

My wife Tressa and I have been clients of Epifany Properties for over a year. Rich and his staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They keep us informed of everything that is going on with our property and they are always available to answer any questions that may arise. Our property has been operating extremely smooth and to its full potential just as promised. We are going to purchase another property or two with Epifany and would recommend the company to anyone. A true hands off investment.

Bryon D. Edward
Grand Island

I first met the staff of Epifany Properties at a seminar they were giving in November 2006. Richard put on a very good and informative seminar and I have been in contact with them ever since. Their knowledge in the field of commercial and multi family investments in southern California is unmatched. I’m in the process of doing my first multi family deal with them and it looks like it is going to be very beneficial for both parties. Rich & Michele run a first class organization; detail oriented and very well managed. I have no problem trusting them to manage my investment and get me a good return on my money.

John A. Kearney
Fincham Road
San Diego

Epifany Properties has exceeded our expectations. When it comes to investing my money I want to know if it is a) going to be secure and b) will I get a solid return on my investment. Epifany Properties is providing both of those answers right now. I know that the money I have invested with them is secure by the excellent management of the property and the superior level of communication regarding the property. I know that my money is going to produce a solid return based on the fact that I am already getting a monthly return. In addition, we have turned management of our other properties over to them to manage as well.

Geraldine D. Elmore
Bell Street
New York

Staring down the cost of funding two college educations and our retirement, I spent a solid year poring over literally hundreds of websites and speaking with dozens of real estate agents across the country in search of a real estate investment that would provide both positive cash flow and appreciation. My focus on single-family homes is reflective of where my experience as an individual investor is (my husband and I own two single family rental homes), and my background in new home sales (single family, condo-conversions, etc.). I only slightly broadened my search to 2-4 units after reading a book on buying and selling quads and duplexes. Fortunately, through all this research, I discovered (a commercial property multiple listing
service), where I came across Epifany Properties.

My first phone call to Michele Hrivnak began a journey on a path of investing that I thought was out of reach for us. If you had told me a few months ago that I would soon have ownership in an apartment building, would start receiving monthly checks from income earned on the property, that the building was positioned for added value, and that it was located in San Diego county, I would have laughed out loud and shown you the door.

The fact that those very things are true today speaks volumes to the integrity, knowledge and experience that Rich St. Rose, Michele Hrivnak, and everyone at Epifany Properties bring to the table. Categorized as a commercial investment property using a tenants in common (TIC) structure, the escrow and loan process was a little different from what I was used to in straight residential investing.

Michele walked me through each step of the process, always willing to answer questions that came up, while displaying her
extensive knowledge and experience through her explanations. She maintained a positive, enthusiastic and professional attitude
throughout the entire transaction. The transaction coordinator, Alex Diaz, stayed on top of every detail and communicated
regularly with me on the status of the transaction.

Epifany Properties researches and analyzes market data to make informed decisions on the best investment opportunities,
while matching the investor’s objectives with the appropriate investment strategy. I would recommend Epifany to anyone
searching for a “no fuss, no muss” investment vehicle with solid projected cash-on-cash and internal rates of return supported
by extensive market research and a strong, experienced team.

Leo C. Clark
Calvin Street

I had a marginal credit score and Epifany Properties helped me find a lender at a favorable rate. The mortgage helped facilitate my 1031 exchange. Being able to participate in a 1031 exchange probably saved me over $100,000 in taxes. Also the investments so far have generated a very generous cash flow. My congratulations to Rich, Michele, Alex and all at Epifany on helping me find an optimal investment to suit my needs.

Julia B. Ceja
Professional Equity Trader and Real Estate Investor

Although I have note been a client long enough to go through one whole cycle of buying an selling, and although I received my first cash flow check only days ago, I would offer my experience to other potential clients as being positive. Your organization seems to cover the details with appropriate attention, responses to questions are quick, and the return on investment, at least thus far, is better than I have seen with other investment opportunities.

Hazel J. Perez

There are really two things in particular about Epifany Properties that impress me. First off, being an investor, I have spoken with many many commercial investment firms and I can safely say that the investment model that Epifany Properties has tailored its products and services around truly reflects the visionary nature of their management team. Secondly, the concepts of formal processes, data driven decisions and metric based tracking are typically quite foreign to the real estate industry. Epifany Properties not only realizes the value in these concepts, but has effectively applied them in their investment offerings. These two attributes combined not only have resulted in me being a repeat investor with Epifany, but have also driven me to become of part of their team as an investment consultant.

Jordan F. Kim
Pinnickinick Street

Epifany Properties has concise and expert information to assess a deal which saves me time on my due diligence. They are very knowledgeable about their area and business which produces solid returns and performance. Epifany Properties is a One-stop shop for all my commercial acquisitions in San Diego. We can depend upon their knowledge and expertise.

West Palm Beach

I have made a recent investment with Epifany Properties and could not be more pleased with the professionalism, response and ease of my transaction with them. I intend to continue working with and recommend Rich St. Rose and Epifany Properties to my clients and for many more future investments.

Wilbur L. Vela
Arlington, TN

We have found Rich and his staff to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. All aspects of our transaction/investment have gone just as expected. We always feel well informed about what is happening with our investment, and what the overall game plan is. If we ever have any questions or concerns, Rich is great about taking the time to talk through things with us. We always feel as though Rich and his team are focused on doing what is best/right for the investors, versus what may be best for Epifany. We are very happy to recommend Epifany Properties to friends and relatives.

Janet W. Stone
Encinitas, CA

As the largest Fannie Mae mortgage lender, ARCS Commercial is known for low rates but not-so-high leverage. The recent purchases we have financed for Epifany Properties were all higher than 75% loan to value; in the current market, these guys find the deals. It’s always been a pleasure to work with Fred Stalls and Rich St. Rose.

James L. Weaver
3678 Bingamon Road

It is a real pleasure working with Epifany Properties. Epifany is one of the rare companies that is genuinely committed to their clients success and exhibits that commitment in everything they do. Their professionalism, dedication and expertise are easily seen by the results they achieve. I have no hesitation in recommending them to all of my clients.

Betty B. Edney
3165 Jody Road

Epifany Properties helped our company put together a deal in which we had to present the particulars to our investors before moving forward. The process we went through to “run the numbers” showed us how well Rich knows his business. Without Rich our deal would never have gotten off the ground. I would recommend Epifany Properties for anyone wanting to invest in multi unit properties.

Sharon S. Sikorski
Star Assistance

“For his investment needs, one needn’t look further than Rich St. Rose and his team at Epifany Properties. In the two years I’ve done business with Epifany Properties, I’ve never had a negative experience. Rich St. Rose is a man of great integrity, a man who is more than happy to answer any questions to one’s real estate investment needs. I personally recommend any investor to seriously consider the cash flow and capital appreciation that any of Epifany’s investment property opportunities present. I’ve recently invested in one and have already had cash flow checks deposited into my bank account. It sure beats investing in
mutual funds! I’m confident that anyone would have similar experiences should he or she choose to enlist any of Epifany Properties’ array of services.”

US Navy

To Fellow investors,

I would highly recommend Epifany Properties and in particularly Karim to any investor who is looking to invest in Apartment Units. I have several residential rental units which I have managed over period of twenty five years, but now I am getting tired of getting the telephone calls from tenants as to their plumbing is not working and this or the other thing is not working especially
when I am out of town or it is a WEEKEND. I talked to Karim and he suggested to me to think about buying Apartment Units which are managed by a Management Company. He talked to me about EPIFANY PROPERTIES and their services from finding the units to closing escrow and managing them (to include the projections of rents, cash flow and future appreciation).

I was very impressed by his integrity and professionalism and methodical approach in concluding a purchase. I purchased the units and am happy to say that the most important aspect of the style of Management is Regular Monthly Reports of the rents received, vacant units, new tenants, deposits, cash flow, mortgage payments, Reserve repairs etc this makes we feel more confident about him and the style of Epifany Properties of managing and at the same time keeping clients fully informed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Karim to show you how to shift the day to day management of Residential Rentals (especially when you are AGING) from oneself to Professionals.

I am looking forward to do more transactions with Karim and Epifany in the future.

Alexander & Brown

Thomas and I have been in the United States since 1976. Over the years, we have purchased and sold several residential properties. Commercial properties had never interested us.

We were introduced to Epifany Properties by Karim Abdulla. Karim explained to us in detail the operation of this company and Rich’s professionalism. This convinced us to give him the go ahead and search for an apartment building for us. Today we are thankful to him. The best part is we are not involved in day to day management of the units. From day one, Karim has kept us informed of the progress made and given us detailed accounting and occupancy information.

We consider ourselves fortunate, of having been introduced to Epifany Properties by Karim Abdulla and would highly
recommend any investor to talk to Epifany Properties and to Karim for their investment.

Thank you

Thomas & Cambra
Airfield operations specialist

“Earning You Many Fond Returns…”